Our Teams

At KW-Commerce, everyone has the same goal: advancing the success story of the company and actively contributing to it.

The great commitment, creativity, and talent of our employees and the strong team cohesion are the engine of KW-Commerce and make it possible to satisfy our customers all over the world. It is important to us that our employees have a chance to contribute and develop. Each and everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potential with us. Only in this manner can we meet our own high standards for quality and service every day.

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Business Intelligence

"As a Business Analyst at KW-Commerce, I systematically report, analyse, and interpret huge quantities of data in order to optimise processes and derive forecasts. In close cooperation with departments like Category Management and Marketing, I steer and optimise, for instance, the product-oriented online advertising measures on all of our sales platforms – a real challenge with the large number of items. On my "green BI lawn", I can try and test many things on my own and thus contribute to the success of the company in new ways."

Dana, Business Intelligence


Category Management

"In Category Management, we are very close to the products and manage every step of the product life cycle, from A to Z. The exciting thing about Category Management is the direct impact on the entire company's success. Retail only works with the right product portfolio. For this purpose, we work closely with many other departments. We always have our ears on the ground, research new trends, and analyse our products constantly so that we can offer the ideal assortment."

Katharina, Teamlead Category Management Navaris



"In Purchasing, we ensure the smooth acquisition of the products from the Chinese market. Our responsibilities include the search for new suppliers and the maintenance and assessment of existing supplier relations. I find the international and intercultural exchange especially exciting."

Ragnar, Head of Purchasing



"Always well-informed. In Finance, we are the first to see the current business figures, we analyse them and develop measures to increase the company's success together with the management and other teams. We ensure positive numbers and a good mood."

Ulrike, Head of Finance



"In the Legal department, we support all departments in implementing their ideas and consult with them concerning small and major legal questions. Our responsibilities are wide-ranging and offer exciting challenges every day, in particular due to the international reach of our company."

Rebecca, Attorney


Graphics & Media

"Humans are visual beings - we give our products a face: Our team of photographers, graphic designers, and 3D specialists impress with high-quality product images - clear, contemporary and to the point. We take care of all aspects of the packaging design, guaranteeing the perfect unboxing moment. We keep our three brands up-to-date, with our own product illustrations as a USP."

Anja, Art Director



"We develop tools for in-house and external systems, internal processes, and online shops / market places. We work with up-to-date technologies and react quickly and flexibly to new trends. We interface with all departments and thus have a lot of variety in our working day."

Lars, Chief Technical Officer


Customer Service

"What do I like best about my job? To hear that customers received good advice and are satisfied. In the international customer service, we have contact with customers from all over the world! The international atmosphere at KW-Commerce makes our work very pleasant and stimulating!"

Giuseppe, Customer Service Employee


Business Process Management

"Who does what, when and how? We at BPM take care of these questions. In addition to recording the processes, we optimise and standardise them and design future process flows. We ensure a company-wide transparency of the process landscape with a central administration of the processes. With graphical modelling we help to reduce the complexity of the processes and identify potential for optimisation."

Gerit, Chief Process Officer



"Our team manages and develops efficient and effective logistics processes along our entire supply chain. We are thus responsible for the operative flow of goods and information from suppliers to customers. In order to meet our responsibilities, we manage a world-wide network of warehouses and an efficient transportation concept via ship, air, and rail freight."

Tobias, Director Operations



"Online marketing without online shop? That is not just a challenge, but also fun! The Marketing department ensures that both the company and the proprietary brands and their products are known inside and outside of the online market places like Amazon and eBay. This includes both performance marketing and branding."

Uwe, Chief Marketing Officer


Warehouse & Office China

"We are KW-Commerce's gateway to the world. Here in China no day is like the other, but together with our colleagues in Logistics, Warehouse, and Purchasing - both here and in Germany - we do not think in terms of problems but rather solutions. All of this to check, package, and ship several ten thousand items per day into the world via air, rail, or sea."

Eric, General Manager


People & Culture

"We believe that people are the starting point of (simply) everything at KW. It's the people that build and run an organisation: Every bit of it is born in the hearts, minds and day-to-day behavior of people. Since the environment has a tremendous effect on our well-being and achievement at work, we strive to create a culture where our people want to show up, are engaged and flourish, and where they feel a sense of ownership and pride in their work."

Claudia, Head of People & Culture


Product Data Management

"Product Data Management ensures that our items are listed on the numerous international market places and is continually optimised. In addition, we manage the administration of all product-related data (e.g. item attributes, texts, and pricing). We work closely together with many different departments, e.g. Category Management, Marketing, IT, or Purchasing."

Benjamin, Head of Product Data Management


Quality Control

"Few other aspects of a business can make or break a company’s reputation like the quality of its products. The Quality Control department at our Warehouse in Asia and our Inspection Teams on-site at our partner factories, are the front line in ensuring what we sell matches the high standards that our customers expect from our brand. This means continuously learning about our expanding range of product materials, manufacturing processes, and international standards to ensure that only the best products pass through our hands. As Head of QC Dongguan, my job is to make sure everyone has the tools they need to process the hundreds of thousands of items per week; identifying and removing the defects, and doing so without delays. It is fast-paced, busy and engaging!"

William, Head of Quality Control

  • "We offer every employee a working environment which promotes and demands commitment and initiative."

    (Founder and CEO)

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