The Company KW-Commerce

KW-Commerce is an international e-commerce company with headquarters in the start-up metropolis of Berlin.

KW-Commerce houses successful proprietary brands like kwmobile, kalibri, and Navaris under one roof. As an e-commerce revolutionary, the company consciously decided to sell on online market places like Amazon and eBay: close to customers, fast, world-wide. Thus, the company sells more than 23,000 items in the areas of 'accessories for consumer electronics' and 'home & living'. We ship to more than 8,000,000 customers a year. The trend is increasing.

In 2012, Jens Wasel and Max Kronberg founded KW-Commerce. With team spirit, assertiveness and discipline, they managed to turn the company into a top Amazon seller in a short period of time. They achieved this rapid development without outside financing and still continue to do so.

The company now employs over 460 people worldwide.

In 2015, the company was crowned the fastest-growing digital company in Germany by the online magazine Gründerszene. The annual growth rate of KW-Commerce continues to be in double digits.


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Our Company Purpose

Great Products Everywhere.

We are working on the future of online retail. Our mission: Great products everywhere. We bring colour and variety into the lives of our customers. We think and act big. We market globally.



  • Jens Wasel and Max Kronberg met during their studies and discovered their shared passion for e-commerce.

  • 2012 marks the beginning of KW-Commerce with 4 employees in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

  • Launch of the first proprietary brand: kwmobile. With its comprehensive range of products in the field of accessories for consumer electronics, the brand develops over the years into a real force in marketplace e-commerce.

  • Amazon and eBay are the first online market places to be integrated in Germany.

  • In the course of the year, the company successfully enters the French market.


  • Things are looking up: the number of employees triples within the year from 25 at the beginning to around 75.

  • European and international markets are continuously developed: the world-wide success of the company unfolds as they enter markets in Italy, Spain, England, and the US.


  • Growth means advancement: the company moves into its new Head Office in Berlin-Mitte close to the Gendarmenmarkt.

  • The company meets the challenges of global trade by opening a new subsidiary in Dongguan, in the Chinese Pearl River delta and focuses on future-oriented supply chain management.

  • With 120 employees, KW-Commerce develops into a medium-sized company with startup flair.

  • On the other side of the world, the company masters its market entry in Australia and Canada.


  • Everything continues to point towards growth: in addition to kwmobile, the second brand kalibri is launched. Kalibri focuses on premium accessories for consumer electronics with high-quality materials and high lifestyle value.

  • Entry into Asia and South America: customers from Japan and Mexico are now among the users of kwmobile and kalibri products.

  • In December 2015, the online magazine Gründerszene crowns KW-Commerce as the fastest-growing digital company in Germany.


  • The proprietary brand portfolio is expanded by another brand. Since December 2016, customers have been enjoying products from the Navaris brand in the Home & Living segment..

  • The branch in Dongguan is expanded and develops into its own independent logistics location.


  • The diversification of the product portfolio is progressing steadily - the range now includes around 30,000 items.

  • The branch in Dongguan, China is developing into a logistics and sourcing location.

  • The number of employees increases to around 190 at the end of 2017.

  • KW-Commerce wins the finalist award of the "Entrepreneur Of The Year" award of the auditing company EY.


  • The new branch in Hong Kong is beginning to take shape.

  • The own-brand portfolio is expanded to include more products from the hard and softgoods segments.

  • They master market entries in India and Mexico.

  • The number of employees increases to approx. 210 at the end of 2018.


  • The new purchasing hub was opened in Hong Kong at the beginning of the year.

  • In order to have sufficient capacity available for the rapid company growth in warehousing and logistics, a new logistics location is opened in Großbeeren.


  • The branch in Hong Kong is expanded by an additional facility for purchasing and quality. In total, KW now occupies 4,000 m² office space and almost 20,000 m² warehouse space worldwide.

  • KW enters the Dutch and Swedish market.

  • The number of employees increases to over 330.

  • The company is growing strongly again this year, with a growth rate of over 50%.

„With conviction and endurance as well as our great growing team, we have developed from a small online niche dealer to a global player on online market places within a few years.“

Founder and CEO

The KW-Commerce DNA

KW-Commerce is riding the wave of success as a global online market place dealer, and the signs continue to point towards growth. We call the basis of this success the KW-Commerce DNA.

Since the foundation of KW-Commerce in 2012, we have been growing. KW-Commerce has matured yet still remains youthful. Our working life is defined by great team cohesion, relaxed interaction, easy-going togetherness along with steep learning curves and flat hierarchies. Combined with the mature structures and processes, we unify an apparent contradiction: „Work in a grown-up start-up environment!“.

As a young, self-financed company, we are consistently working on sustainable and long-term company development according to the motto "less bullshit, more business!". We roll up our sleeves before talking about it. This down-to-earth and pragmatic approach of running a company sets us apart. We focus on our strengths and thus achieve our stated goals.

KW-Commerce is an expert in online market place retail. We rely on a strong unique core process: from proprietary brand conception in the Berlin head office all the way to the product idea. From the acquisition of the items to their marketing on the global market places. From complete logistics to international after-sales customer care. Our team meets the challenges of this extensive and multi-faceted business and the speed of online retail with great adaptability, unconventional as well as innovative solutions, and creative ideas: „Be an e-commerce revolutionary!“

The KW-Commerce team lives these principles every day. This is what made KW-Commerce into a successful international online retail company with great future prospects.

Sound interesting? Join our team! On our career page you can find all information you need on jobs and careers at KW-Commerce.

„We implement instead of getting bogged down in long concept phases or strategy sessions. We turn trial-and-error into trial-and-success. This is what made us who we are.“

Founder and CEO


Our KW-Principles are the bedrock of our success. These constitute the basis for every decision in our company and are practiced daily by everyone. These principles, as the foundation of our everyday actions, enable us to create more choice and added value for our customers.

Keep your eyes on the future

Our decisions are aimed at long-term success and scalability: if necessary, we are ready to forego short-term success in order to achieve those aims. This enables us to lay the foundations for further growth and to achieve our high targets in the long run.

Communicate and give feedback on an equal footing

We express our opinion, irrespective of our position in the company, and stand up for it. We communicate with one another respectfully and on an equal footing. We give direct, constructive feedback. We take everyone's feedback seriously.

See things from the customer’s point of view

Our customers' satisfaction is the basis of our success. Our customer focus sets us apart. We put ourselves in our customers' shoes, protect their interests and win their loyalty with speediness, quality, and an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Set a high standard for yourself

We make our tasks our own and take responsibility for them. We set high standards for ourselves in all that we do and are only satisfied if we have achieved very good results. As representatives of the company, we also set a high standard for the way we present ourselves in public: we represent the company in a confident and professional manner at all times.

Push ahead with changes

We challenge the status quo and develop it further. Standing still means stepping backwards. We are adaptable and flexible, open to innovations and changes and know how to utilise them to our advantage. For us, "trial and error" and "learning by doing" are the positive approaches that enable this flexibility and quickly yield valuable insights. We handle mistakes in an open and transparent way, reflect on their causes and do not repeat them.

Be a team player

We look beyond our own tasks, are helpful and enable our colleagues to deliver the best possible results. We discuss different views pragmatically, without prejudging outcomes and always based on the premise of wanting to achieve the very best for the company. We stand by decisions that we have made in the team and work together to implement them.

Keep it simple

We give preference to uncomplicated methods and simple solutions. We keep conceptual phases and theoretical discussions as simple as possible and as complex as necessary.

Get to the bottom of things

We aspire to fully grasp processes and connections. Should these remain non-transparent, we delve deeper until we have understood them. This enables us to discover and utilize our potential to optimise, to work with one another in a purposeful way and to make informed decisions.

Be focused

We always question whether our decisions and actions are bringing us closer to our corporate and departmental targets and prioritise accordingly. We work on crucial issues in a consistent, concentrated and focused way. This enables us to focus on what’s important and to prioritise this above supposedly urgent issues. If we identify any tasks or procedures that do not correspond (any longer) to this focus, we discontinue them.

Get it done

We work in an implementation-oriented and results-driven way and never do things half-assed. Only if we consistently implement and complete plans can we decisively advance the company. If we encounter obstacles during implementation, we address the challenge and find alternative paths to reach our goal.

Make targeted use of resources

We use our resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. We find simple and creative ways to achieve more with less. This enables us to create capacities for investments, which are important for reaching our goals in the long run.


At our Head Office in Berlin Mitte and our fulfillment location in Berlin-Charlottenburg, creative ideas are developed into real bestsellers: from product design over sourcing and logistics, all the way to sales. Everything from the same source!

Our Dongguan and Hongkong subsidiaries are an essential foundation for the success of KW-Commerce in terms of the professional and efficient implementation of our supply chain and for developing the sales market in the Asia-Pacific region.

KW-Commerce Asia Limited

Office 05, 8/F
China Shipbuilding Tower
650 Cheung Sha Wan Road
Kowloon, Hongkong

Dongguan Shi Ke Wei Trading Company Limited

Building 2 No. 1 Hongmian Road, Shui Lian Mountain
Nancheng District, DongGuan City
P.R. China